Facial treatments and your workout schedule

Facial treatments and your workout schedule

We get this question a lot: can I workout after my treatment?

The short answer, no, you should not workout after laser treatments and even some injection treatments. Here’s why.

Sweat contains bacteria and bacteria will aggravate sensitive hair follicles, resulting in a rash or possible skin infection. Additionally, we want you to protect and prolong your investment – exercise can cause your skin to overheat which in turn can reduce the positive effects of your IPL/BBL and ultimately lessen your results.

Ablative lasers like HALO/CO2 cause inflammation. Inflammation is the process that initiates new collagen production to correct wrinkles and scars. Inflammation is accompanied by the growth of new blood vessels and this new vascular response is redness and swelling. Exercise also causes vascular flushing so when combined may cause unnecessary discomfort.

So, we encourage you to take a break from the sweat sesh for at least 48 hours after your laser treatment.