Thread Lift

Not everyone wants to commit to a surgical facelift to reverse aging, tighten the skin, and redefine the features. The good news is that there are alternative treatments, and we offer one of the most effective options here at Wise Aesthetics in Carmel, IN, called a thread lift. This minimally invasive treatment can significantly improve the appearance, tighten the skin, and do so naturally.

What Is a Thread Lift?

A thread lift is a minimally invasive and anti-aging treatment that uses PDO threads made of polydioxanone to promote collagen and elastin production and address the most common signs of aging. PDO threads are surgical sutures that have been used in cardiac, osteopathic, and plastic surgeries for several decades and can also be used to perform a non-surgical face or neck lift.

Made of hypoallergenic and non-pyrogenic materials, PDO threads are inserted into the skin in the lower half of the face and neck to instantly lift and tighten the area, improve collagen production, promote a smoother skin texture, and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles while also strengthening the skin’s structural layers. Once strategically inserted into the skin, they will suspend the tissue and tighten the area for up to 18 months.

The Facelift Versus the Thread Lift

While a PDO thread lift will not completely replicate the results of a full surgical facelift, it can do the next best thing, minus the discomfort, recovery, and downtime. It can also help delay the aging process, thus reducing the need for a surgical procedure to treat more advanced signs of aging.

We can also perform this treatment to meet the needs of patients who have already undergone a surgical facelift and want to enhance and extend the longevity of their treatment results by strengthening the skin at the structural layer and, in doing so, preventing sagging or premature wrinkle formation.

Learn More About the Non-Surgical Face and Neck Lift

You don’t have to commit to an invasive procedure to reverse the signs of aging and suffer through a long, painful recovery. The PDO thread lift is the perfect solution for patients looking for a natural facelift alternative that can visibly and naturally tighten the skin without discomfort and downtime. If you’re interested in this treatment and how it can benefit you, we can give you more information at a pre-treatment consultation.

What Does It Treat?

This treatment can help patients achieve the results that are the next best thing to a face or neck lift. As an alternative face or neck lift, it can tighten and lift sagging skin, strengthen the skin, increase skin volume, and reverse the signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. It can help patients look refreshed and rejuvenated and enjoy natural results and younger-looking skin.

We can use this treatment to naturally lift and contour the cheeks, restoring a youthful appearance. With the aging process comes a natural decrease in collagen production, which can begin to affect the features, specifically in the middle and lower half of the face.

The cheeks can begin to flatten, droop, and the jowls can begin to sag, but with a PDO thread lift, we can reverse these common signs of aging with absorbable sutures that will lift and rebuild the skin’s structure.

Patients looking to achieve snatched, lifted eyebrows can benefit from a non-surgical brow lift with PDO barbed threads. We can use these threads to create the “cat eye” or “fox eye” look. The entire treatment process is minimally invasive, requires no downtime, and can be performed in just a few minutes. Results can last a year or longer. Patients interested in this treatment will need to first schedule a pre-treatment consultation.

Men and women who want to fight, delay, and reverse the aging process can do so with a custom-tailored PDO thread lift. Some of the benefits of this treatment include the following:

  • Treatments are quick and can be performed during a lunch break
  • Results are long-lasting
  • There’s minimal social downtime
  • Results are both immediate and gradual
  • You’ll never look like you “had something done” after your treatment
  • Repeat treatments can extend your results

This treatment works by stimulating collagen and elastin production, two main proteins that are the building blocks of youthful skin. By stimulating an increase in the production of these two essential anti-aging proteins, we can delay and even reverse the aging process naturally. During the treatment, we will insert the tiny threads into pre-marked areas on the face based on your treatment plan.

These absorbable threads will instantly lift the skin and force the body to respond with a healing reaction that includes a natural increase in collagen in elastin production. As the threads dissolve naturally over time, the body will increase collagen production at each thread insertion point, lifting and tightening the skin and rejuvenating and refreshing the appearance.

One of the benefits of the PDO thread lift is that there’s no downtime. Patients won’t have to worry about any scarring or planning around significant recovery. We will provide you with some detailed aftercare instructions that will help ensure a quick healing process. You may need to temporarily discontinue strenuous exercise to avoid disrupting the thread insertion locations.

After the treatment, the body will reabsorb them over time, and you’ll see continuous improvement in your treatment area. You’ll see results within the first few weeks, and those results can last up to 18 months based on the state of your skin at the time of treatment and how much skin laxity we need to correct during the treatment process. Some patients choose to extend treatment results and have additional threads inserted into various areas to address different concerns.

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