Laser Vein Treatment

Visible veins can detract from the appearance of your skin and affect your confidence in your appearance. At Wise Aesthetics in Carmel, IN, we offer laser vein treatment plans to eliminate those visible veins and blood vessels from just below the skin’s surface so that you can achieve and enjoy uniform, clear skin. Post-treatment, you’ll no longer have to feel self-conscious about your veins or vascular abnormalities but instead can feel confident in the health and appearance of your skin.

What Is a Laser Vein Treatment Plan?

A laser vein treatment plan is a customizable plan designed to eliminate leg veins and a broad range of vessels from different areas of the skin. While it’s primarily designed to treat spider veins that appear on the legs, it can also reduce redness, making it an effective option for patients suffering from rosacea. It can also diminish the appearance of unsightly broken capillaries.

What Are the Treatment Benefits?

There are a very limited number of options for patients who want a solution to treat visible spider veins and vessels, reduce redness, or diminish broken capillaries. There’s no DIY at-home treatment that can help patients achieve visible and long-lasting results in this area, which is why the Cutera Nd: YAG laser is so effective.

This device does what no other treatment can, targeting and safely eliminating these visible vessels, reducing redness, and promoting patient confidence. Some of the treatment benefits include the following:

  • Treatments are quick and virtually painless
  • We can customize treatment plans for each patient’s needs
  • Results are visible shortly after treatment
  • Results are long-lasting
  • Patients can treat one or multiple areas
  • The device can eliminate vessels without harming the surrounding skin
  • There’s no social downtime

Eliminate Veins and Vessels With a Customized Laser Vein Treatment Plan

You don’t have to hide your legs because you feel self-conscious about spider veins or feel less confident in the appearance of your skin because of rosacea, redness, or unsightly, broken capillaries. With the Cutera Nd: YAG laser and our customized laser vein treatment plans, we can restore healthy-looking uniform skin and your sense of confidence in your appearance.

The CuteraNd: YAG Laser

At Wise Aesthetics, we utilize the advanced technology of the Cutera Nd: YAG laser to perform our laser vein treatments. This laser device can effectively eliminate different colored veins and vascular lesions from the skin, including red, blue, and purple lesions.

Treatments are specifically designed to eliminate visible veins without harming the surrounding areas. Treatments are designed to promote a clear and even skin tone while rejuvenating the area through quick and efficient treatments.

Each patient has unique treatment goals when it comes to eliminating vessels, reducing redness, and diminishing unsightly, broken capillaries, which is why we offer different length treatment options to meet each patient’s needs. Our treatment options include the following:

  • 15-minute treatment – $250
  • 15–30 minute treatment – $450
  • 30–45 minute treatment – $600

The Cutera Nd: YAG laser uses light energy to target blood vessels in each visible vein. During the treatment, the light energy will target the blood vessels, ultimately destroying the vein, causing it to collapse. Any blood in a treated vein will redirect and flow into other veins below the skin’s surface. The body will absorb and eliminate the vein leaving you with healthier and clearer-looking skin.

The Cutera laser has advanced technology to promote a comfortable treatment process. While some patients may choose a topical numbing solution before treatment, many do not and can make it through the treatment without significant discomfort. We can discuss your preference at your initial consultation. During the treatment, you may feel a tingling sensation as the light energy travels from the device handpiece to the vein to eliminate it.

Most patients benefit from one to two treatments, but since results and treatment plans vary, an initial consultation is necessary to determine your best treatment plan. The total number of treatments will depend upon different factors, including the number of vessels or areas you want to treat as well as their size, location, and color.

After your treatment, you may experience some redness in the treatment area which will subside. During your initial consultation, we can give you more details about what you can expect immediately following your treatment and whether you will need a compression garment to support your results.

Most patients can resume normal daily activities, but we recommend avoiding strenuous workouts for the first 24 hours and using quality sunscreen to protect the area from the sun.

Results vary among patients based on the type and number of veins they treat during one treatment plan. However, results appear relatively quickly, and patients can expect visible improvements in the appearance of the skin and treatment area within the first few weeks of the initial treatment. It can take time for the body to absorb the treated vein, so final results may not be evident for several weeks.

Patients who want an effective and long-lasting solution for leg veins of different colors and sizes and want to reduce redness, treat rosacea, and diminish the appearance of unsightly broken capillaries make good candidates for a laser vein treatment plan. If you are interested in learning more about this treatment and confirming whether you are a good candidate, schedule an initial consultation at our office.


This consultation gives you the space to ask questions and learn more about the treatment, and it allows us to evaluate your desired treatment areas, learn more about your health history, and confirm that you are a good candidate for one of our laser vein treatment plans.

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