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Signs of aging such as fine lines and loss of skin firmness don’t have to be something we just accept. At Wise Aesthetics in Carmel and Indianapolis, IN, we believe your skin deserves the care necessary to maintain its smoothness and elasticity as you age. By addressing these issues early on, you can help your appearance age more gracefully.

The MOXI laser offers a gentle yet effective approach to skin rejuvenation that can help mitigate these signs of aging. This laser treatment delivers precise energy to targeted areas, stimulating natural collagen production without the need for extensive downtime. With regular treatments, the MOXI laser can help maintain your skin’s youthful firmness and smooth texture, contributing to a naturally refreshed appearance.

What Is the MOXI Laser? 

MOXI is a non-ablative laser device by Scion® equipped with a 1927nm wavelength designed for prejuvenation. It can treat many concerns regarding skin tone and texture and reverse the early signs of aging.

Those just beginning their skincare journey can benefit from this gentle yet effective laser treatment, but age is not the sole determining factor regarding treatment eligibility. It can also meet the needs of patients who want to refresh their skin or correct imperfections and visible aging.

Visible Signs of Aging

The MOXI laser treatment targets fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the skin’s natural healing process. This treatment promotes the production of collagen, which is the protein in your body that keeps the skin elastic and smooth. Regular sessions can gradually reduce these age indicators, leaving your skin looking more youthful and vibrant.


Hyperpigmentation issues such as dark spots, melasma, and uneven skin tone can be managed with laser skin rejuvenation. This technique uses focused light to break down pigment deposits in the skin, helping to create a more uniform complexion. Over time, this can diminish the appearance of age spots and other color inconsistencies.

Sun Damage

Exposure to the sun can accelerate the aging process and damage the skin, manifesting as discoloration and textural changes. The MOXI laser specifically addresses sun damage by repairing the skin barrier and rejuvenating the affected layers. With its targeted approach, the skin can recover its natural tone and resilience against environmental factors.

Skin Texture and Quality

Improving overall skin texture and quality is another benefit of ongoing MOXI laser treatments. These sessions enhance skin smoothness and reduce irregularities such as coarse pores and rough patches. As a result, the skin feels softer and displays a healthier, more even appearance.

  • Fast Treatments: Sessions are brief and often completed in less than 30 minutes. The efficiency of skin rejuvenation using the MOXI laser allows for minimal interruption to daily activities.
  • Increasing Benefits With Regular Treatments: Each session builds on the last, enhancing the skin’s appearance progressively. Regular laser skin rejuvenation treatments can amplify the effects, leading to longer-lasting and more significant improvements.
  • Noticeable Results After One Treatment: Even after a single session, patients often see visible improvements in their skin’s texture and overall radiance. These initial results from the MOXI laser treatment can be motivating for patients to continue with follow-up sessions.
  • Suitable for All Skin Tones: This technology is designed to be effective across various skin tones, addressing a wide range of dermatological concerns. The adaptability of skin rejuvenation methods allows most people to benefit from the MOXI laser without concern for pigmentary changes.
  • Non-Invasive With No Downtime: The treatment is gentle, requiring no incisions, injections, or harsh chemical peels, which means patients can return to their normal activities immediately.

MOXI laser treatments are completely customizable and can address each patient’s skin concerns. During the session, we can use different treatment levels that include a specific number of passes with the laser at different densities to produce results.

Level One: Prevent and Refresh

Level one treatments include four to five passes with the laser at a 5 to 10 percent density. This type of treatment can address minor skin concerns and refresh the skin to delay the aging process and promote skin health.

Level Two: Revitalize and Maintain

Level two treatments include four to five passes at a 10 to 15 percent density to address more pressing skin concerns like hyperpigmentation and visible aging while also focusing on establishing healthier skin that patients can maintain and enjoy long term.

Level Three: Transform and Renew

Level three treatments focus on more advanced skin concerns and include six to eight passes at a 15 to 20 percent density. Level three treatments can address more advanced signs of aging and pigmentation.

Frequently Asked Questions About MOXI Laser Treatments

We can use it to address concerns on the face, which is the primary treatment area, but the device is not limited to treating the facial complexion. It can meet the needs of patients with all different skin types who want to address skin concerns on the body, including the arms, legs, chest, hands, and neck.

Once we evaluate your skin and create your unique treatment plan, you can undergo the treatment process, which is quick and virtually painless. After it’s over, you can expect visibly improved skin within a week of your first treatment and more noticeable results after the first three months. While you can achieve dramatic results after one treatment, you may need a series of treatments based on your goals for optimal results.

MOXI treatments are quick and take less than 20 minutes. Typical treatment times range from eight to 12 minutes. However, your total treatment time will ultimately depend on your treatment plan, how many areas you choose to treat, the number of passes we perform, and the laser density we use.

Patients looking to refresh their skin won’t need a topical numbing cream before the treatment. However, patients with more advanced concerns who require a more aggressive treatment approach may benefit from a topical pre-treatment numbing cream. Regardless, you can expect a virtually painless treatment.

While many lasers require significant social downtime, this one doesn’t. After it’s over, you can resume your normal daily activities. However, as with most professional skincare treatments, you must avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen to protect your skin immediately following the treatment.

It’s an excellent option for patients who want to take steps to maintain youthful skin and ward off the aging process as long as possible. Even though it’s known for its ability to deliver a prejuvenation treatment, it can also meet the needs of patients looking to safely and gently eliminate skin imperfections and treat visible aging.

Essentially, anyone looking to safely brighten and rejuvenate their skin can benefit from this laser treatment. Because it uses a 1927nm laser that targets water, it can safely treat all different skin types.

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The MOXI laser at Wise Aesthetics provides a versatile solution for those in Carmel and Indianapolis, IN, seeking to improve their skin’s appearance. With treatments that are efficient and cater to all skin tones, we help you achieve a more youthful and smooth complexion with minimal downtime. To learn more about how this could benefit you, please fill out our online form or call us at (317) 569-6448 to contact us.

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