Moxi Laser Treatments in Carmel, Indiana

Not all laser treatments are created equally, which can make choosing the right one feel overwhelming. At Wise Aesthetics in Carmel, IN, we want to introduce you to the MOXI® laser, a treatment that is safe for all skin types and is designed to rejuvenate and refresh the skin without any downtime. No matter what the current state of your skin is, this laser is specifically designed to make it better after just one treatment.

What Is the MOXI® Laser?

MOXI® is a non-ablative laser device by Scion® equipped with a 1927nm wavelength designed for prejuvenation. It can treat melasma, improve skin tone and texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and reverse the early signs of aging.

Those just beginning their skincare journey can benefit from this gentle yet effective laser treatment, yet age is not the sole determining factor regarding treatment eligibility. It can also meet the needs of patients who want to refresh their skin or correct imperfections and visible aging.

Learn More About the Benefits of MOXI®

Laser treatments don’t have to be intimidating, especially when you know ahead of time that your treatment is guaranteed to improve the health and appearance of your skin. If you’re interested in learning more about this prejuvenation treatment and how it can improve your skin, we can give you more details about how it works and how you can save money on your treatments by purchasing a package that includes three treatments.

One of the benefits of this laser treatment is that it’s gentle enough and safe for all skin types. It can delay and reverse aging, improve skin tone, and smooth the skin. Other treatment benefits include the following:

  • Treatments are quick
  • Regularly scheduled treatments can maintain optimal skin health and delay aging
  • Results are noticeable after one treatment
  • The laser can effectively treat all skin tones year-round
  • There’s little to no downtime

This laser device can treat the most common skin concerns and even reverse the visible signs of aging. It can also treat and improve the appearance of pigmentation and sun damage, create a more even skin tone, smooth uneven skin texture, and improve skin health.


We can use it to address concerns on the face, which is the primary treatment area, but the device is not limited to treating the complexion. It can meet the needs of patients with all different skin types who want to address skin concerns on the body, including the arms, legs, chest, hands, and neck.

Once we evaluate your skin and create your unique treatment plan, you can undergo the treatment process, which is quick and virtually painless. After it’s over, you can expect visibly improved skin within a week of your first treatment and more noticeable results after the first three months. While you can achieve dramatic results after one treatment, you may need a series of treatments based on your goals for optimal results.

MOXI® treatments are quick and take less than 20 minutes. Typical treatment times range from eight to 12 minutes. However, your total treatment time will ultimately depend on your treatment plan, how many areas you choose to treat, the number of passes we perform, and the laser density we use.

Patients looking to refresh their skin won’t need a topical numbing cream before treatment. However, patients with more advanced concerns who require a more aggressive treatment approach may benefit from a topical pre-treatment numbing cream. Regardless, you can expect a virtually painless treatment.

While many lasers require significant social downtime, this one doesn’t. After it’s over, you can resume your normal daily activities. However, as with most professional skincare treatments, you must avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen to protect your skin immediately following the treatment.

It’s an excellent option for patients who want to take steps to maintain youthful skin and ward off the aging process as long as possible. Even though it’s known for its ability to deliver a prejuvenation treatment, it can also meet the needs of patients looking to safely and gently eliminate skin imperfections and treat visible aging.


Essentially, anyone looking to safely brighten and rejuvenate their skin can benefit from this laser treatment. Because it uses a 1927nm laser that targets water, it can safely treat all different skin types.

Treatments Customized for Every Skin Concern

MOXI® laser treatments are completely customizable and can address each patient’s skin concerns. During the session, we can perform treatment levels that include a specific number of passes with the laser at different densities to produce results.

Level one treatments include four to five passes with the laser at a five to ten percent density. This type of treatment can address minor skin concerns and refresh the skin to delay the aging process and promote skin health.

Level two treatments include four to five passes at a ten to fifteen percent density to address more pressing skin concerns like hyperpigmentation and visible aging while also focusing on establishing healthier skin that patients can maintain and enjoy long term.

Level three treatments focus on more advanced skin concerns and include six to eight passes at a 15 to 20 percent density. Level three treatments can address more advanced signs of aging and pigmentation.

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