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If you’re tired of using at-home DIY lash extensions or mascaras to enhance your lashes only to achieve short-term results, there is another way to achieve and maintain the eyelashes you’ve always wanted but weren’t born with. At Wise Aesthetics in Carmel, IN, we offer lash enhancement treatments that will help you achieve longer, fuller, thicker, and natural-looking eyelashes that accentuate your eyes so you can look and feel put together 24 hours a day.

What Is Lash Enhancement?

Lash enhancement is a treatment that enhances your natural lashes with extensions, making your lashes look fuller, longer, and thicker. Eyelash extensions can help you achieve the lashes you’ve always wanted but weren’t born with, save time on your makeup routine, and give you a put-together look from the moment you get up, throughout the day, and even after you go to bed.

Our Treatment Options

We offer classic lashes which look the most natural yet still dramatically open up the eyes, enhance the appearance, and give you that always-put-together look. Our lash enhancement treatment options and prices are as follows:

  • Classic – $225
  • 1-Week Fill – $45
  • 2-Week Fill – $65
  • 3-Week Fill – $100

Achieve Longer, Fuller, Beautiful Lashes 

Once you experience a lash enhancement treatment, your only regret will be that you waited so long to invest in eyelash extensions. Our classic lashes are natural-looking, will enhance your natural beauty, and will save you time in the morning and money no longer spent on at-home eyelash extensions or mascara.

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How Does the Treatment Process Work?

The first step in the treatment process is an initial consultation to confirm your treatment eligibility, give you more details about the process, and tell you what you can expect.

During your treatment, you’ll lie back in a semi-reclined position with your eyes closed and we’ll position protective eyewear around the eye area. Then, your lash technician will individually apply each lash extension to your natural eyelashes with a special adhesive. Treatment times vary but typically range from 90 to 120 minutes.

Follow-up fill appointments are designed to ensure that patients maintain beautiful lashes long-term. Over time, your natural lashes will grow out, and some of your extensions may shed, which is why regular fill appointments are so important because they extend the longevity of your lashes and ensure they’re in the best condition.


Typical fill appointments range from 30 to 60 minutes. We offer one, two, and three-week fill appointments based on each patient’s needs and can help determine which type of follow-up fill appointment is right for you.

After your appointment, it’s important that you follow the aftercare instructions to ensure optimal results. You must avoid getting your eyelashes wet for 48 hours post-treatment to allow the adhesive to dry and bond. Then, you’ll need to wash them regularly with a soft eyelash spoolie as directed. Brushing them regularly will extend their lifespan and ensure all your lashes are always in place.

It’s recommended that patients avoid wearing mascara and using eyelash curlers and use caution when cleansing the face or removing makeup to avoid damaging their lashes. We will provide complete aftercare instructions after the appointment so you know exactly how to care for your eyelashes.

If you’ve always wanted long, beautiful lashes, you can make that dream a reality with a personalized lash enhancement treatment plan. Some of the benefits of undergoing this treatment include the following:

  • You’ll achieve that put-together look without makeup
  • You’ll experience a painless and relaxing treatment process
  • Follow-up fill appointments allow you to maintain results long-term
  • Lash enhancements can open up the eyes and enhance the features
  • You’ll achieve longer yet natural-looking lashes 
  • Eyelash extensions eliminate the need for daily mascara
  • Eyelash extensions are an investment in your appearance and confidence

Lash extensions can elevate your appearance before a special event or can help you achieve your dream eyelashes and maintain them long-term. Before we perform these treatments, we schedule initial consultations to learn more about our patients and their goals and confirm that a lash enhancement treatment is right for them. While most patients qualify for treatment, some may not due to safety reasons or potential allergic reactions.

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