Proven Benefits of Getting Regular Facial Treatments

Helps maintain healthy skin.

Getting regular facial treatments can slow down premature aging and boost skin youthfulness. Wise Aesthetics uses medical grade skin care products in all our facial treatments to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Provides a deep clean.

A deep cleansing facial helps rid skin of dirt, toxins, and oils which can build up. Exfoliation and extractions during facial treatments help to unclog pores and refresh your skin.

Hydrates skin to give you a refreshed glow.

Facial treatments will give you a boost of moisture to hydrate your skin with medical grade products, which is especially important during dryer months of the year.

Improves the appearance of your skin.

Facials can improve imperfections such as acne or acne scars. The cleansing techniques and hydrating products used in facials will leave your skin glowing.

Allows your aesthetician to give you an accurate skin analysis.

Regular facials allow your esthetician to get a better understanding of your skin type and skincare needs. Our team of aestheticians can provide treatment recommendations to get your skin the best results.

Relieves stress.

Facial treatments can help you relax your mind and destress your skin. Regular facials are an act of self care! Need we say more?

Wise Aesthetics offers a wide variety of facial treatments such as the Illuminating facial, the Red Carpet facial, the Wise facial, the Tox facial, and more. Our Tox Facial uses a microchanneling device to deliver reparative and anti-aging ingredients directly into the skin that boost collagen production resulting in plump and rejuvenated skin. We use a blend of Botox or Dysport to minimize fine lines and decrease larger pores and hyaluronic acid to increase skin hydration. You can find all our advanced clinical facial treatments and their proven benefits here.

The frequency in which you should get facial treatments is different for everyone depending on your skin type, the condition of your skin, and your personal beauty goals. The Wise Aesthetics team can recommend which treatments will be most beneficial in helping you achieve your skincare goals. Call (317) 569-6448 or book online to schedule a consultation with one of our talented skincare experts.

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