Consults with Crissy: How do I not look fake?

Welcome to Consults with Crissy, a series of questions and answers from our boss babe, Crissy. We will be picking her brain in a series of blog posts, so if you have questions about any of our procedures or products, let us know and we will get them answered.

I am worried about looking fake or like I’ve gotten work done, how do I avoid that?

Being overfilled is the concern for many first timers. Injectable treatments can offer a fresh and fuller look, but the key to natural results is the injector. Quite simply, bad injectors provide bad results, skilled injectors provide good results. 

I always say, filler should be undetectable

When a wrong injector is chosen, either you live with the results until they naturally go away or you are faced with dissolving poorly placed filler.

Are dermal fillers the only option when it comes to injections?

No, there are lots of options! One alternative for fillers are biostimulators. Like dermal filler, biostimulators offer balance and correction to similar areas of the face with a long history of excellent and natural results. 

Both are effective, non-surgical solutions to achieving and restoring a more youthful appearance.  

To sum up, you have options, lots of options, be picky and do your homework before deciding to work with someone.



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