Consults with Crissy: To Fill or to Flip

We are asked frequently about the difference between lip filler and a lip flip, and if the results are similar. Learn which is best for you to achieve your desired lip enhancement goals.

What is a lip flip?

A lip flip uses neurotoxin injections like Botox or Dysport. Through a small amount of the injectable being injected into the upper lip, the lip is slightly rolled out, giving it a more defined and prominent look when you smile. Unlike filler, a lip flip doesn’t add volume to the lips, but it can provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. It’s a great option for those looking for a subtle enhancement to their lips.

What is lip filler?

If you’re looking to enhance your lips for a longer period with a plumper, fuller appearance, then filler is for you. Crissy recommends using hyaluronic acid as it provides long-lasting, visible results for a fuller pout. Not only does it enhance your lips, but it also allows you to maintain the natural softness of your lips with its natural substances. 

How long do each last?

A lip flip lasts about 4 weeks due to the minimal amount used. With lip filler, you will have plumper more defined lips for about 9 months.

Consults with Crissy, a series of questions and answers from our boss babe, Crissy. We will be picking her brain in a series of blog posts, so if you have questions about any of our procedures or products, let us know and we will get them answered.

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